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Breaking News for the Over 50s!
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Older & Wiser

As someone who is now, at nearly 56, in a 3rd . . or is it 4th career, I reckon I've learn a few things about myself, about life . . . and certainly about making changes! I certainly wouldn't have believed 50 years ago, 20, or even 10 years ago that I'd now be a Doctor of Philosophy! To have experienced life as an electronics engineer, retreat host and now academic is certainly to have explored at least some of my many facets. And isn't that what life is about? So long as we do it because it's the right thing for us to do . . . rather than just for something to do.

Do we all get wiser as we get older?

In my experience, both of my own life and it observing others, I'd say that depends on our attitude: if our intent is to learn from life's experiences, to be open to new ideas and to keep an open mind . . . and heart . . . then we will grow wiser as we grow older. For example, there is this myth of old age that . . .
You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Oh no? Then you didn’t watch the Gentleman's Senior Invitation Doubles at the 2014 Wimbledon Tennis Championships. The match between Mansour Bahrami & Henri Leconte and Peter McNamara & Paul McNamee (all definitely ‘seniors’) certainly showed that tennis, even at Wimbledon, can be entertaining. (There are a few short YouTube clips, but they don’t really do it justice: and )

You Cannot Be Serious!

These wonderful ‘old dogs’ not only had a sense of fun but a wonderful ability to do clever things with a racket and ball that you wouldn’t see the top seeds demonstrate! At least not whilst they were contesting the championship proper. But even John McEnroe has learnt how to see the fun side of tennis . . ..

You Don't Have To Be Serious!

Image © | Dreamstime.com

If even the angry, young McEnroe can grow wiser and more relaxed . .. then there has to be hope for all of us!

So, how can I be of help?

New to these ideas?  

Then why explore them further by listening to my Knowing & Growing Radio Show. These half-hour recordings share a range of insights and practices that, whatever your age and background, provide thought-provoking ideas to re-energise you . . . or give you a new focus to life.


Know you have a ‘bit of a block’ or something that’s holding you back?

Then take some Life Guidance sessions with me: in North Wales or on-line. Over the years I’ve helped many individuals work through challenges or blocks, always with empathy and good humour. Even if you’re not sure exactly what the issue is, or if/how I might help, just Contact Me: we’ll see what’s possible!


Ready to take a new step?

Perhaps you’re already being drawn to commit to a new path, technique or period of gaining new skills. Perhaps it’s mindfulness, Reiki, or you’re not sure yet, but will know what it is when you see it! Either way, I have a range of on-line courses and ‘real-life’ workshops from which to choose. If you don’t see what you’re looking, do please ask. If I can’t help you, I probably know someone who can.



Just not sure  . . .

Feeling uncertain can be an uncomfortable thing . . . and if you’re used to always doing something and feeling in control, then not knowing what to do can be particularly challenging. Luckily for you, I’ve been there, done that, so can probably help you see your way forward. Why not try my ‘Where Next’ session?


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