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If you're finding that the 'interesting times' that we live in are a bit too interesting, I may well be able to help!

Many consider that humanity is at a cross-roads and that the start of the 21st Century offers unparalleled opportunities for changing how we think and behave, both individually and collectively. Such individuals and groups I would consider as belonging to ‘the transcendence movement’, a now significant and growing proportion of humanity that, to put it simply, thinks differently. The teaching, research and events in which I am involved set out to actively encourage and enable this ‘transcendent’ mode of consciousness, with consequential benefits to personal health and well-being.*

My approach, and that of the One Reality web-site, recognizes that each human being and each other life-form on earth is a unique and valuable part of the planet and its Eco-system. We are inter-dependent and inter-connected in many amazing ways. As we increase our awareness of this inter-dependence and of modes of consciousness beyond the purely rational, so we experience life with more depth and meaning. It has been my pleasure to meet and share (and research) many men, women and children who know that there is more to life, than the money driven, technological, material world that often seems predominant in society.

The One Reality that we all share, has many facets and numerous perspectives. To respond to the combined challenges of world financial uncertainty, global warming and an array of health and social malaise, requires a broader, deeper perspective on life Such a view, as an increasing number of us are experiencing, comes from integrating our rational thoughts with compassionate consideration for other facets of life on Earth. It comes from engaging with what many call a divine or sacred dimension in life. We might call it ‘Being’ (as per the philosopher Heidegger), ‘Going with the Flow’ (as Taoists might describe it) or bringing our own ‘heaven to earth’. The feeling we get from such states of minds and experiences seems to be beyond religious beliefs and cultural background: an inherent sense of belonging in the world.

These are not just conceptual ideas, nor the province of a few mystics who live in remote caves, but the very real, day-to-day reality of the emerging way of thinking and relating to each other and the world. The aim of this web-site is to share both theory and practice on ‘transcendence’ and thus to further the co-creation of a One Reality in which we can all feel ‘we belong’.*

News - April 2017

Beyond The Cloud . . .

Yes the Cloud is a wonderful tool for shared working, for accessing untold information. But what is that were just the start? Sign up now for my ground-breaking webinar: Beyond Thought, Beyond the Cloud: The Ultimate Gift of Ultimate Knowing.


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* Note:  My meaning of some terms (transcendent, holistic, etc.) may not be the ones you are familiar with. Please refer to my Glossary for my definitions and meanings


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